Arnold with grandson, Raffi, in 2002

Arnold is one of three children of Sonia and Harry Eidus. Sonia’s father, Abraham Berkenfeld, had a notions store on the Lower East Side. She had two sisters who were also musical. Sonia, in later years was a highly sought after pianist. She accompanied the cantor at the local synagogue and also accompanied Arnold on some of his early concerts. Notably, she was, according to actor Bruce Adler of the famed Adler/ Jacobson theatrical family, the most sought after pianist in Yiddish Theatre. Arnold’s father Harry was a violinist who came to the US from Dvinsk, Latvia. The name Eidus comes from the Hebrew root “AYD” which means witness. There are at least seven separate EIDUS or AYDUS families in the US who emigrated from Dvinsk. Unfortunately, Dvinsk came under different sovereignties in the tumultuous 20th century and records and Jewish cemeteries have been lost or destroyed, so it is impossible to link the families together or go back more than four generations. The best source of genealogy on the name Eidus (also Aydus and Eiduson) is

Arnold married Doris Dresher of Maywood, New Jersey. Doris’ father had a stationery store (Dresher Brothers) in Hackensack, New Jersey. Her mother, Sadie, and father, Isaac, emigrated from Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution. Isaac’s brother, Morris, was one of the foremost experts on Game Theory in the 20th century. Doris has three sisters. Doris and Arnold were married in 1946. They had two children, Robert and Licia.

Licia was a truly inspirational individual, who suffered greatly, but with dignity, with juvenile diabetes. She was very creative and artistic. Licia, unfortunately, died of complications of diabetes at age 42.

Robert is a family physician in New Jersey. He is married to Lauren Shub. They have three children; Jonah, Sam, and Raffi.